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Frequently asked questions and some random ones, answers are also placed here.

Q: Can my custom be an ability that raises stats?
A: In our last RPGs the answer was always NO. Though this time I WILL allow it, with a cost of course. I'll determine what it boosts, and by how much depending on your description of it. And I warn you now, boosts will not be as high as you'd like. Recommended not to waste a Custom on Stat enhancers.

Q: Why the hell is "So and So" God moding me?!
A: I'm not going to punish "God Moders" who in fact have triple+ your stats. If they so happen to do this while both your stats are nearly the same, Then contact me.

Q: "So and So" got a better boost in the quest then I did, why?
A: Participate more and find out.

Q: How do I change my name in the chat without relogging?
A: Simple. Type /nick NewNick . Try not to use dots in between names, they don't work, stick to - or _.

Q: What timezone does this site run by?
A: Eastern. Eastern. Eastern. Deal with it.

Q: Can you train and learn moves at the same time?
A: No. With the exception of being dead. I will start allowing the dead to do so, So people don't God Mod to hell so they don't die.

Q: Someones post, Of them attacking me had (Unblockable). Meaning... I can still dodge right?
A: No. The term (Unblockable) means exactly what you read from it, it also applies for Dodging.

Q:How does buying items work? Why does it say "Example: 4 days" after?
A: 4 Days is the delay it will take until your item is ready.

Q: Lets say I'm learning a 10 day move, and I've only gone through 5 days, can I use it at half power?
A: Ridiculous question... No.

Q: My opponent is spamming posts against me, What do I do?
A: You contact me, and I'll handle it from there on.

Q: Can I become Majin'ed?
A: Ask the question and you'll never get the chance.

Q: I missed a Quest/Mini Quest, Can I still get the boost?
A: No, If enough people miss a quest, then I will most likely hold a Mini for them and only them. If you miss a Mini Quest then all I can say is sorry, better luck next time.

Q: Why do you have such useless Questions and Answers?
A: Ask that to the idiots I get the questions from. Also, This page will get added on to whenever a common question is asked.