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Suspended as of January 26, 2007. Much regards.

Edit: On a site note, as of January 31st I have unpublished any other parts of the site except for the homepage, as a precaution to prevent others from copying everything word per word.

01/26/07 - I won't get into any detail about why I haven't been around, it doesn't matter, quite personal to, Sorry. I'd say the site has gotten to inactive to consider it alive anymore, Yet again, Sorry, Sites dead. -Ct2k6

Last Event: Held January 16th at 8:00 PM Est.
Next Event: Not yet determined.

Quote of the Week: “Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat.” -Cassius


Current Weather Status (Jan 21th): -27 Degrees Celsius, Cloudy, Windy.

Webcast for Next Event: Unknown


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Site Administrator: Ct2k6.
Chatroom Moderators: Cassius, Baphoment.

All Main information brought to you by: Ryuki, Kiotosai, Sandro, Sion.
Remastered by Ryuki(Ct2k6). Version: Beta 1.4
Also like to thank Wraith for giving me some new ideas about character structure.
Thanks to SushiFish(Baphomet) for helping alot with the races.

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